We work with clients across the U.S. to develop real estate strategy integrated into business and supply chain strategies in order to drive business success; plan and implement real estate solutions; and manage their real estate portfolios and processes. We tailor the services delivered to our clients’ individual businesses and needs.

Portfolio strategy

  • Review real estate portfolio to identify strengths and weaknesses relative to business strategies
  • Develop individual asset strategies
  • Supply Chain Strategy linked to RE (location modeling)

    Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Form due diligence process to evaluate individual assets conditions and risk
  • Evaluate integration opportunities for supply chain and real estate portfolio
  • Landlord/owner services

  • Advising Landlord on positioning property to attract supply chain oriented customers
  • Reverse logistics analyses to determine profile of most likely user/buyer
  • locate

    Site Selection

  • Location identification & evaluation
  • Demographic profiling and workforce analysis
  • Location & network modeling
  • Due diligence
  • Incentives
  • Brokerage and contract negotiation
  • Transportation Analytics
  •   Truck
  •   Rail
  •   Sea
  •   Intermodal
  •   Employee
  • implement

    Project Team Selection

    Project Leadership & Project Oversite - Owner representative managing project delivery team

    Sustainable solutions

  • Energy
  • Ground water
  • Solar
  • Wind